About Us



The Mind Bar is a team of professional Certified Hypnotherapists, with unique and varied areas of expertise.  


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What we share in common is the desire to help people live better lives using the power of their own minds.  We also share the same core values and high standards in our work. 


"Our single most important goal is to help our clients

to become the best versions of themselves".



A few of the services we offer:


Hypnotherapy - In-Person

Hypnotherapy - Telephone

Hypnotherapy - Skype/Facetime



Past Life Regression

Personal Life Coaching

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Peak Performance Coaching

Hypno-Birthing - Individual

Hypno-Birthing - Group Classes

Group and Corporate Sales Training

Classes in Stress Management

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Tarot Therapy

We customize each individual session and program very specifically to the needs of the client at that moment in time. Our group sessions, events, courses, and seminars are geared toward providing lifelong tools essential for growth and success.


We change lives one mind at a time.

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Our Core Values



Our “Brand” is much more than a logo or a tagline. It is a living breathing entity that grows and evolves over time. It is in our DNA. Our culture, brand and business strategies, are based on the following values. Every type of contact with our clients, vendors, partner practitioners, audience, and affiliates, must remain congruent with these core values.

  • Overarching Focus On The Single Goal of Helping People

  • Always Serve Others With Respect, Integrity, and Honesty

  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver Exceptional Service

  • Be Creative, Open-Minded and Embrace New Ideas 

  • Continually Evolve and Pursue Further Growth and Learning

  • Foster and Nurture a Positive Team and Family Spirit

  • Continually Raise the Bar on the Client Experience

  • Celebrate Our Successes Collectively - Each Win is a Win For All

  • Remain Humble and Never Take Ourselves Too Seriously

  • Give Back. Have an Impact. Change the World


Company Goals and Objectives:


To provide a means of helping others to rewire their mental programming, and use simple tricks and techniques, to proactively design their own future, gain control over their subconscious motivations and limitations and live the life they choose.


From our client’s perspective, we are the safe place they go to escape, release and relax - then walk out motivated and whole. Everyone feels connected, and cared-for within our walls and each member of our team’s mission is to make sure of that.


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The Mind Bar

20969 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 219

Woodland Hills, CA 91364