How close are you to living your ideal life?


What if...


You were no longer held hostage by self-sabotage, circumstance or genetics?  

Freed up to live the life you choose.


What if...


You had the mental tools to reach your full potential? 

Set free from the obstacles that we all create for ourselves?  

Enabled to achieve your highest calling - in ways, you never thought imaginable. 



Sometimes life gets so busy it seems we are always chasing deadlines. The insurance payment is due on Friday; the in-laws are coming next week; the car needs to go to the shop; the dogs need their shots…oh now I have been summoned to Jury Duty. The list goes on and on and then repeats itself. 


We may go to work every day to pay our bills, possibly to a job we don’t enjoy. Or to a job we would enjoy, if we took the time to appreciate it. We see our friends on social media living what we perceive to be the ideal life and we compare ours to theirs. We may wonder “what is this all about?”.   


Taking Inventory


It is important to take a step back to look at your life holistically - meaning as a whole. The goals, relationships, desires, joys, sorrows, responsibilities, aspirations, unfinished business, etc. that accumulate and become your experience of life.


Really taking a big picture, as well as detailed look at what it is all about and what you may want to change, can have an incredibly positive impact. Most importantly, it can prevent you from waking up one morning and realizing that you are 90 years old and not feeling so well, and you never did take that hot air balloon ride, or tell your sister you forgave her.  


Are there things you are going to do "someday" or “when”? Such as "when" I lose 20 pounds, or "when" I get some more money, or "when" I am a little older, or "when" the kids are off to college? We all do. Nobody is perfect. Most everyone has things they need or want to change in their life. Many people just don’t know where to start.  


There are several steps to designing a life you love, but the first one is to define what that is - to determine what you value in life. What brings you joy. Many if not most people, have never stopped to analyze these things.  They get stuck in a rut letting life run them instead of running their own life.


For some joy could mean material wealth and security. For others, it might be more travel or spending time with children. Or it might be spiritual, intellectual, or emotional. Or a combination of them all.


By identifying what kind of life you would design for yourself as you step back to take inventory, you can make the necessary adjustments that you may not be able to see in your day to day living. 


Where We Step In 


Once you have determined what kind of life you would design for yourself, we can help you to create the roadmap for change. Many of the issues and obstacles that you have experienced thus far are programmed into your subconscious mind, and will repeat themselves into eternity if you do not intervene.


Old traumas and hurts, fears, bad experiences you had in childhood, miscommunications and misinterpretations from the past. All of these things are carried with you and can hijack the best of conscious intentions.


I will go to the gym. I won't eat that ice cream. I will save money. These are conscious choices, which seem doable. Yet our subconscious programming is 10 times more powerful than our conscious intentions. To change the old mental tapes that run on continual loops in your mind, you must access these subconscious programs. Thus stopping them from holding you back.


Then with an understanding of how your mind works, you can learn how to further rewire your mental programming to alter bad habits,  heal old wounds, get past limiting beliefs, etc. 


Each individual is different, but many people find that they can create change in their lives quickly and easily. Most wished they had started sooner. Instead of investing many months or years, it can take weeks, or days, or even less, to see the changes start to appear.


Once roadblocks are removed in one area, many of our clients find other areas improving. The mind-body connection is very powerful and everything is interconnected.  Mind maintenance is as important if not more important than body maintenance. 


























You can create a more ideal life in areas, such as:


Material Wealth and Abundance

Health and Well-Being

Realization of Individual Passions and Motivations


Overcoming Past Traumas 

Memory Enhancement

Overcoming Weight Loss Blocks

Inner Peace

Freedom from Destructive Habits

Defining Your Personal Brand

Increased Athletic and Artistic Performance

Better Parenting

Business Success

Decision-Making Skills

Effective Sales and Marketing

Release from Fears, Phobias, and Anxieties

Live (and Love) Life

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