OUR SPACE:   We provide a safe space for our clients to mentally escape, release and relax - walking out motivated and whole.  Everyone feels a sense of connection and care within our walls. We are dedicated to making sure of that. Each client is our most important client.


OUR TOOLS:    Utilizing a wide range of methodologies, from ancient wisdom to cutting edge neuroscience, we teach, train and assist clients in rewriting their "life script".  By changing their mental programming, our clients are able to let go of the limiting beliefs, past traumas and mental blocks that were holding them back. They can then set in place new ways of being, that enable them to proactively design their own future, gain control over their subconscious motivations and limitations and live the life that they choose.


From simple stress relief and habit control, to a whole life reboot and everything in between.

We change lives one mind at a time.



Giving Back...
Krazy For Kats, Inc.

You go to the gym to work on your body.

What do you do to work on your mind?



We offer a variety of hypnotherapy and mind-related services, classes, coaching, spiritual hypnotherapy, and training courses conducted by certified hypnotherapists, with many areas of expertise.  Click below to learn more about some of the services we offer.



The Mind Bar

20969 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 219

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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"There is no higher form of reward

 than to see our clients thrive".


The mind is everything.

What you think you become.




At The Mind Bar, each of us is unique and different in our approach, as well as our areas of expertise. We all share a set of common core values and high standards in our work. 


With the utmost care, professionalism, and code of ethics, our single most important goal is to help our clients to become the best versions of themselves.


We customize each individual session and program very specifically to the needs of the client at that moment in time. Our group sessions, events, courses, and seminars are geared toward providing lifelong tools essential for growth and success. We change lives one mind at a time.

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The Mind Bar

20969 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 219

Woodland Hills, CA 91364